How to properly take a dead sea salt bath to treat Psoriasis

It is very well known that sea salt have many healing properties

But even more specifically the Dead Sea Salt is the most healthy natural salt for conditions like Psoriasis because of the high percentage of minerlas such as magnesium, sulfates and potassium that help the skin relax, hydrate and cleanse from toxins.

Sea salt baths were being used ages ago in History from Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and many other ancient civilisations for their healthy treatments and its relaxing abilities.

dead sea salt to help reduce psoriasis and moisturise the skin

How to take a proper dead sea salt bath:


1. Fuel the bath tub with lukewarm water :  The water must be no more than 2 degrees warmer than your body’s temerature

…this will make it easier for your skin to absorb the minerals…if the water is 2 degrees hoter than your body the minerals will be eliminated by the water.

…every 5 or 10 minutes add some more cold water to reduce the temperature due to the above reason

…this will keep the water some degrees away from becoming warmer than your body’s temp.


2. Use 1 Cup of Dear Sea Salt water for each bath has enough minerals for the skin and body to soak and  benefit tha maximum.

…do not use or add any unnatural fragrance products


3. Use your hands to dissolve the salt in the water

… you do not need to dissolve all the salt, if you leave some behind it will still work


4. Bath for minimum 15 to 30 mins

…use the bath to relax and relieve stress while the sea salt is detoxifying your body.


5. Prefer the morning dead sea salt baths because

…your skin is full of toxins from last night’s sleep.


toxins in the body after sleep



6. Have 1 bottle of still water next to you and drink up in the meantime of your bath…

…you want to prevent any dehydration of the inside of your body

…your body will need water while soaking the minerals of the sea salt from the outside.


7. You can find quality and low priced Dead sea salt through Amazon or other retailers.
I strongly recommend that you check the Quality by checking the content and the percentages of minerals before bying. Just like the photo below which Is recommended

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8. Before taking your first dead sea salt bath ever, I stronly recommend that you consult your physician or doctor just to make sure that it is absolutely safe.